Extreme Christmas LED Lights

clark griswold christmas vacation lights

Today we’re talking Christmas lights by HitLights.

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Raising the Bar: A Product Spotlight on LED Light Bars

led light bars rigid linear lighting green rgb multicolor 4 pin

LED Light Bars are one foot sections of LED strips encased in a tough Weatherproof aluminum housing. The acrylic lens on the front keeps out moisture and helps ensure and even light spread. And they can easily be mounted with the included screw-in mounting clips.

That makes them perfect for lots of applications like: Continue reading

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Top 4 Types of LED Dimmers

LED light strips can be super bright, and at times you may want to control just how bright your strips are. That’s why HitLights offers a variety of LED dimmers.

By simply connecting a power supply and LED light strip to the dimmer, and now you can control the brightness of the lights.

HitLights offers four main types of 12 volt dimmers.

12v led dimmer touch sensitive lamp tape light strip

Touch dimmers work by touching them. Tap them to switch the lights off and on. Continue reading

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Colors Galore! (4 Use Cases for RGB LED Light Strips)


LED light strips are the “Go Anywhere” & “Light Anything” lighting option. Color-Changing (RGB) strips give you the flexibility to alternate between colors and animations so you’re never stuck with just one option. In this article you’ll see 4 typical use cases for these strips, but first let’s go over the basics. Continue reading

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Making LED Strip Lights Less Scary

scary strips horror movie led lights tape black red
LED light strips are scary to some people. But they don’t have to be. Let’s confront four common fears might scare someone off from tape lights. Continue reading

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Waterproof Lights Aren’t Shocking

Electronics have had an age old dilemma. You want to use them in damp or wet areas, but any amount of moisture breaks them. That isn’t always the case though; HitLights’ Weatherproof and Waterproof LED Light Strips work great outdoors. They can get wet and keep on lighting. Here are 4 applications for our outdoor LED strips. Continue reading

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Be Dimmable, Not Dim

micro universal magnetic dimmable led driver dimming hitlights light strip tape magnitude mox
When you use LED light strips you may notice something; they’re really bright. Sometimes you’ll want them full on lighting up the world and at other times you’ll want a cozy, soft glow. Well, dimmable drivers are part of a great dimming solution for Continue reading

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Outdoor Lighting Ideas

outdoor led lighting ideas

Outdoor lighting is really easy with our IP67, waterproof LED light strips. We wanted to share a few ideas to help you start lighting outside.

1. Deck Lighting

led strip light porch patio railing lighting sunset

“Deck Lighting” via Shannon Demma

To get a lighting effect like this, you’d Continue reading

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How to Help Louisiana Flooding Victims

louisiana flood water donationPhoto Credit: Chuck Simmons

As you may know, Louisiana has recently experienced one of the worst natural disasters in recent years. Over 60,000 homes have been reported damaged or destroyed. It’s being estimated that the home property damage alone is at least $30 Billion, not including businesses and infrastructure. If you would like to help flood victims there are lots of ways to do your part. Continue reading

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How I Installed My Kitchen Under Cabinet Lights


My wife and I recently bought our first home. We’re loving all the joys of home ownership, but no house is perfect. That’s right, as nice as it is we still have some design quirks to contend with. For instance, the living room floor squeaks in one spot. Then there’s the refrigerator’s ice maker that consistently sounds like an intruder is breaking in at 1am. And judging by the title of this article you may have already guessed, our kitchen countertops are too dark. Continue reading

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