How to put LEDs in your costumes – The Basics

With Halloween on its way, I figured some tips could help you take your costume to the next level.

In this video, Svetlana Quindt of shows a few basic steps to help incorporate LED’s into costumes.   While Svetlana uses individual diodes and small batteries, our LED light strips would work really well cut down to the size you need and powered with a battery pack!

closeup of soldering for costumes

She also gives some fantastic pointers on how to solder LED’s to wires and properly insulate your connections, which is extremely useful for custom projects.  Working with LED’s can make anything cooler, and popping some lights onto your costume of choice is a great way to get started learning the basics.

If you need any help with a Halloween project, or just want to learn more about LED’s, feel free to give us a call (1-855-768-4135) or shoot an email to

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LED Glamping


This motor coach brings “Glamping” to a whole other level!
The $700,000, 2016 American Eagle Coach is featured for its “new standard in luxury.”
glamping kitchen
It features LED lighting, Bose(R) sound system, and a 48” LED HDTV. The bathroom is equipped with a walk-in shower and the master bed has a head and foot massage feature.
Motor Bed
All this luxury is controlled by an iPad. It operates the lights, power privacy blinds and shades and A/V system! Check out more in the motor coach and see where else they used LED strip lights at

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Potato Powered LEDs!

Hey there everyone! I’ve decided to take us back to the HitLights science corner this week with another neat experiment that utilizes LEDs.

Some intrepid science wiz figured out that you can use the humble, delicious potato to power LED lights. Much in the the way the potatoes have been used to power light-bulbs (minus the efficiency). Continue reading

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Top Ten Slickest NFL Jerseys

So last week we took a look at some truly dismal NFL jerseys (be sure to check it out if haven’t already). This week we’re taking a look at the best jerseys out there from past and present. These jerseys are the cream of the crop and the envy of every NFL fan (or maybe just me). Take a look at the sportsy goodness!

10. Carolina Panthers All Black

carolina panthers tickle fight

“Stop it. That tickles.”

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How to Make a Photography Light With LED Strips

This video explains how to re-purpose a baking pan to work as an extremely bright LED lighting panel.  The panel can be used for photography and video work, and all of the materials cost a fraction of a Continue reading

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Top Ten Most Horrifying NFL Jerseys

Can you hear that? That’s the sound of football season around the corner. What better way to get hyped for the upcoming season than to take a look back at some of the best and worst jerseys ever produced by any NFL franchise? Today we take a look at the worst. And at the end I’ll plug a new awesome HitLights product for all you sports fans! Keep reading to be disappointed and then re-appointed!

10. Philadelphia Eagles Throwback Jerseys

Oh Philadelphia, how do you have a team named the eagles and then come out with a jersey that looks like this?

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LEDs VS Liquid Nitrogen

Whoo! This week I figured I’d share an interesting video I stumbled across recently. Check it out below!

In the video, some intrepid students are testing out the effects of LEDs that have been submerged in a container filled with Continue reading

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A kaleidoscope of Pinterest Inspiration!

It was a colorful week on our Pinterest!  Check it out…

photo (4)

photo (3)

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10 Ways to Make Boring Superheroes Better With LEDs

Welcome back to another top ten! This week we stray off the beaten path a little to take a look at some superhero designs that would be made a little more interesting with the addition of LEDs. Whether they’re lacking in personality or originality, these characters simply aren’t that engaging and I’m here to cruelly mock them for your enjoyment.

10. Superman

Now you might say to yourself, “Wait? Isn’t Superman one of the most Continue reading

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You can control how this hotel looks with an app on your phone.


At night, the Hotel WZ Jardins Sao Paulo comes alive with an app that allows users to cause the  200 strips of low-energy LEDs  to react to different stimuli in real time.

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