Happy Memorial Day…now please let that cake cool!

Many of our readers reach our page looking for ideas or help with projects.  At this time of year, many are looking for our red, white, and blue light strip kits.  At the very least, we like to think we can usually give you some pretty good advice. Well here’s some advice about what NOT to do…some of the worst Memorial Day fails ever!

The flag cake that should be respectfully burned:

pinterest fails

via buzzfeed.com

This one should probably be re-branded as a moon landing base cake:

bf fail 2

These jello stars that aren’t even trying:

bf fail 4

This spirited attempt at sparkler art:

bf fail 6

This potentially flag related cake?

bf fail 8

And this cake that’s trapped in some kind of horror film scenario:

bf fail

Finally these sad strawberries:

bf fail 10

Article via Buzzfeed.com


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Who Left the Lights On?

Who Left the LIghts On infographic thumbnail, lutron, hitlights.com

Our friends at Lutron made a fun infographic about home lighting usage in America. Follow the the link to see Who Left the Lights On. Continue reading

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3 Perfect Outdoor Side Dishes

3 Perfect Outdoor Side Dishes3 Perfect Outdoor Side Dishes

For most of us, the weather’s warming up and we’re heading outside. Clean off the outdoor furniture, sweep off the patios, and enjoy your perfect outdoor lighting. It’s the time of year for much more low key entertaining and Continue reading

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LED Strip Light Dress on the Red Carpet

So you thought LED lighting was only for homes and cars? Here’s a unique take on using strip lights! A custom-made motion sensitive gown from House of Fraser. Here’s a sneak peek of the design process that went into creating such an innovative piece.

Photo Gallery by QuickGallery.com

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Done! – The Best Graduation Advice We’ve Ever Received

Graduation time is upon us yet again! We took a poll here at the office to see if we could decide the best advice anyone received about going out there and living the life we’d worked so hard for all those years in school. The list ranged from funny yet true to more motivational. I guess each person is motivated in their own way…

What now? That is the question.

“Don’t try to live anyone else’s life. There are no rules for what you have to do next.”

“You can do anything you set your mind to.”

You’re better off having a sense of humor than a plan.

“Be yourself and don’t be afraid to stand out.”


We could all agree on the best way to stand out at graduation…light up your cap in LED with an Eclipse Kit!

Sure, lots of people decorate their caps with witty advice they received and their attitudes about life. But from the audience’s vantage point it’s all just a jumble of colorful caps.


It’s definitely the lights that set her apart.


Even if you can’t resist topping off with your favorite quote – highlight it!


There’s no way to miss this guy. Something tells me there’s even music involved!

Hope this has served to sufficiently inspire.  “Light up the darkness!”

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De-light-ful Mother’s Day Gifts

It’s that time of year dads and we’re here to help! Instead of buying a bottle of perfume or bringing home flowers, why not try some simple additions of LED light strips in places she’ll enjoy? Make her life easier and do a little home improvement at the same time? Sounds like a win!

Here are our ideas – Continue reading

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15 Repurposed/Reused DIY Ideas

Every time I move, I look at all of the boxes and think, “Where did all of this stuff come from?” We all have a little junk in the trunk, but here are 15 ways to turn your stuff into prized possessions.15-ways-pinterest_Sharpness_115-ways-facebook_Sharpness_1

1. Flatware to Rain Chain

via Make

via Make

Continue reading

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How to Choose Your Strip Lights – Trouble Shooting Series #38

HitLights.com offers many options and features for LED light strips. Since there are so many choices, you might need a little guidance choosing the right one. Follow these five steps to choosing the right lights for your project.

1) Choose a Color Continue reading

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5 Patio & Deck Ideas

5 Patio & Deck Upgrades:

We love our patios and decks, but there are a few simple things you can do to make them even better. Here are our five favorite patio & deck upgrades. Continue reading

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3 Ways To Save This Summer

Save Energy This Summer:
luma5-luma10-luma20-premiere-led-light-strip-hitlights (via Regan)

Summer is right around the corner, and everybody knows that the hotter it gets, the higher your energy bills rise. So here are 3 simple ways for you to save on your cooling costs. Continue reading

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