LEDs VS Liquid Nitrogen

Whoo! This week I figured I’d share an interesting video I stumbled across recently. Check it out below!

In the video, some intrepid students are testing out the effects of LEDs that have been submerged in a container filled with Continue reading

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10 Ways to Make Boring Superheroes Better With LEDs

Welcome back to another top ten! This week we stray off the beaten path a little to take a look at some superhero designs that would be made a little more interesting with the addition of LEDs. Whether they’re lacking in personality or originality, these characters simply aren’t that engaging and I’m here to cruelly mock them for your enjoyment.

10. Superman

Now you might say to yourself, “Wait? Isn’t Superman one of the most Continue reading

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You can control how this hotel looks with an app on your phone.


At night, the Hotel WZ Jardins Sao Paulo comes alive with an app that allows users to cause the  200 strips of low-energy LEDs  to react to different stimuli in real time.

Continue reading

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The LED Nightclub Taken Straight From Science-Fiction

This week’s video has been around since 2010, so it isn’t exactly new, but the lighting effects are just as impressive as ever.

smack night club in the uk with pink led lights

The room is packed with LED lights embedded in the walls and ceiling, and gives visitors a truly immersive lighting experience.  The video is synced nicely to music to show how the club may use these lights for all sorts of events and songs, and there is no shortage of options.

smack nightclub uk rainbow multicolor led ceiling and walls

The animations in this showcase video are constantly changing, and each one gives the room a completely unique feel.  Showing off complex geometric designs, moving text segments, and even an audio visualizer, makes me wish I could use this room as my work computer monitor!  ‘Smack’ Nightclub was one of the first on my growing list of must-see LED installations, and it isn’t hard to see why.

words display on wall at smack nightclub in uk

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10% Insperation, 90% Pinsperation

Knock on wood, Taylor, and other inspiration from Pinterest this week

Image (11)

Image (10)


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How long will your batteries power my lights?

battery powered led light strips Here at HitLights we sell battery packs to power our strips and LED products. They’re relatively simple, you charge them and plug them in, and your lights turn on! A little more complicated, however, is figuring out which battery you need, and how long it will power your lights for. Today, we’re going to figure that out. Continue reading

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Is that a predator coat? And more interesting things from Pinterest.

From really wanting to stand out…to complete invisibility, this week our Pins covered it all!

Image (8) Continue reading

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Take a wild ride down an LED Waterslide!

This video shows off an awesome water slide at “Bad 1″ water park located in Bremerhaven, Germany.  The slide features a dazzling array of color-changing LED’s that create Continue reading

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10 Beautiful LED Art Pieces

What it do everybody?! I’m back again to give you another top ten list. This week, we focus on one of my favorite subjects: art. Not just any art though, LED art. Check out these fantastic sculptures and installations I was able to find. I’m sure you’ll find them rather illuminating.

10. LED Tube Sphere

buckyball hires3 courtesy gering lopez gallery e1343424868612 Bucky and the Burner: Leo Villareal Is Lighting Up New York and San Francisco With Massive, Glowing, LED Tube Artworks

courtesy  The Observer

This huge piece of art is the creation of Leo Villareal. It’s massive and engaging and part of Continue reading

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How one man turned wasted space into an AirBnB attraction.

Check out how Ethan Arnheim has converted storage unit into a loft to attract a steady stream of business travelers and tourists. Continue reading

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