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The most important goal for us at HitLights is to educate our customers about LED lighting products, such as LED light strips and LED light strip accessories. We want to make sure every customer fully understands how to use all of our products. Just as important, we want our customers to understand WHY they should choose LED lighting over traditional forms of lighting. LED lighting, in a nut shell, will save you money in the long run and has been proven to be more energy efficient than other lighting sources. LED lighting is also eco-friendly and does not contain any harmful substances, such as mercury or lead. Overall, there are many benefits to switching to LED, and we are equipped to help you with every step of the transition.

We are LED light strip and accessory specialists. HitLights employees are constantly educated on new LED light strip technologies and trends and know which power sources, connectors and accessories to use with each unique LED light strip. Just as our team of professionals stays educated, we strive to educate our customers as well. HitLights has many resources available to educate newcomers on the basics of LED light strips and accessories, including resources such as an LED Buyer’s Guide, LED FAQ Page, LED Trouble Shooting Blog Series, and much more. You can access all of our resources on the LEARN page and throughout the entire site. Our overall mission is to stay knowledgeable on LED lighting products, and in return, pass the knowledge on to our customers.


Not only do we provide our customers with quality LED strip lighting and accessories, we also provide our customers with excellent customer service and technical support. Our team of LED strip light specialists is consistently trained on LED light strips and the changing, ever-evolving world of LED lighting. The HitLights customer service team offers free support to our customers with ordering and project management, and can even build custom LED lighting packages for specific projects and building requirements. Customer Service and Technical Support also stay up-to-date on LED industry trends and product improvements. They can answer any questions you have pertaining to LED! The HitLights customer service and technical support teams are available via phone or e-mail, Monday-Friday from 8 am-5:00 pm CST.


HitLights does not want to solely be known as an LED light strip retailer; instead we want to be thought of by our customers as an LED light strip solutions company. In addition to providing each customer with superior knowledge and service, we also build our products and inventory based around our customers’ most common needs. HitLights constantly creates and improves LED light strip packages, such as LED light strip kits, that are available for purchase on our website and provides complete solutions for a variety of installation projects on demand.

We are also very aware that each individual’s needs and projects are extremely different. Our support teams work with everyday consumers on a daily basis. For those customers looking to renovate their home, update their kitchen cabinets or even add bright LED lighting to their patio area, we offer to custom build a package of products that will suite each application’s exact specifications.  HitLights also offers custom business solutions for professionals. We work with architects, construction managers, contractors, electricians and project managers and directly supply them with LED lighting designed around project specifications. HitLights also services many different types of businesses directly, such as hotels, restaurants and retail stores, and has obtained experience working with owners and staff on installations. In summary, HitLights is capable and able to meet all of your LED strip lighting needs, whether you are a professional or consumer shopping for personal needs. HitLights is your one-stop, LED strip lighting solutions shop!